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Kostantino Electric are your reliable generator service in Fairfield, CT.  We service both home and commercial generators.  Most brands serviced! 

While generators are there as a backup they are complex pieces of machinery that require regular maintaining to kick in reliability should you need them.  Of course its no use having a generator that doesn’t start when you need it most.  Lack of maintenance is one of the most common causes of generator failure and accidents.

Depending on how much your generator is used, it may require more or less maintenance.  For businesses who rely on backup generators, the loss off power can be extremely damaging.  Routine maintenance may be more frequent, particularly as the generator may be used more and the risks are higher.

Either way, your home or business generator will need maintaining, just like you would any other engine.

Different manufacturers have their own schedules for routine maintenance.

Schedule maintenance every 1-2 years

In order to ensure safe and reliable operation, general maintenance will need to be performed.

Typically you should schedule a generator service yearly, you should always change the oil at least once per year if nothing else.  With infrequent use you may choose to have a service every 2 years.

Routine maintenance might include:

  • Changing the oil
  • Check/change coolant
  • Change spark plugs
  • Replacing the fuel filter
  • Replace air filter


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